SVUDL helps low-income youth tap the power of their voices to compete, excel, and change the world.


SVUDL is honored to have been chosen by the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) as one of their Education grantees. This three-year commitment brings funding and invaluable professional support from SV2 partners, all designed to support SVUDL in reaching scale. Watch as Monica Spear, Shauntrice Martin, and Santiago Pacheco tell the SV2 partners about
SVUDL and our work to tap the power of voice. 


SVUDL offers more than an afterschool program; our impact stems from a deep school partnership model proven to change outcomes for underserved youth.  With training and support, members of the debate team become leaders on their campuses, helping to shift expectations of what low-income youth can achieve. This research-based program model makes SVUDL one of the most cost-effective ways to impact young lives.