Seeking former debaters to help SVUDL empower young leaders and make smart cool!

Position Overview

The SVUDL Head Coach is the primary leader for the growth and productivity of the SVUDL program in our partnering schools, helping build and implement a shared vision among youth, teachers, SVUDL staff, volunteers, and the school community as a whole. The Head Coach position is the catalyst and main point of contact of the debate team at a partner school and their goals are work to with the  Assistant coaches (teachers at the school) to recruit, develop, encourage and deliver debate instruction to their students  Head Coach is a  new position in the Urban Debate League model that requires a proactive, engaging and dedicated team player who puts the needs of youth served first.  The Head Coach spends 75% of their working hours in the field, either at school sites, regional and national tournaments, at community partner sites and community outlets and 25% of their working hours at the SVUDL Program office in Milpitas.

The Head Coach reports to the Director of Programs, and works collaboratively with the Regional Program Director, program and administration staff and program contractors.


Primary Responsibilities

Program Building

The Head Coach will directly implement activities and systems to build effective debate programs at participating schools. Their primary duties in this area are:

  • Teach and coach students in policy debate  
  • Develop affirmative cases, positions, blocks strategies,  research tools and evidence packets for students
  • Direct recruitment of new students, assistant coaches and school site and community stakeholders;
  • Engage judges, volunteers, parents and stakeholders through consistent online communications and semester events
  • Direct team development through consistent site visits, email, video, phone and other communications; including team building activities such as research missions to libraries, social events, etc;
  • Develop, share, and employ coaching and instructional resources, including core files;
  • Collaborate with school administration, teachers, resource providers and stakeholders to build a culture of debate in the larger school community through public debates, community engagement opportunities and events;


Tournament/Event Administration

The Head Coach works directly with the Regional Program Director to manage and execute six competitive debate tournaments and other workshops and events each year.  These responsibilities include supervision of staff and contractors or direct implementation of the following:

  • Manage all event details including: event day direction  and execution, planning and preparation, scheduling, site logistics, judge recruitment and training, awards, meals, tournament registration, and contracted staff recruitment and training;
  • Manage invitationals and public debate tournaments, including tournament structure, preparation of materials, and training of students, coaches and judges;
  • Collaborate on  planning, expansion,  efficacy and execution of SVUDL Summer Debate Institute;
  • Administer tournaments and supervise tournament administrative personnel;
  • Oversee tournament and report outcomes to DOP and;


Relationships with Schools and Community Stakeholders

The Head Coach works with the Director of Programs to develop and maintain strong relationships, including but not limited to:

  • Interface directly with local high school principals and teachers to ensure sound program implementation, including event follow up and program updates;
  • Develop and implement Parent Outreach Program;
  • Build relationships with area law firms, university debate programs and other relevant institutions/organizations for support and involvement;
  • Produce narratives and other written materials, providing program information, and meeting with or hosting funders and supporters, as necessary and;
  • Prepare program reports to the DOP and attending Board meetings, when requested.

Professional Development and Training

The Head Coach will directly implement or supervise staff and contractors in implementing professional development and training activities for multiple audiences, including debate coaches, judges, volunteers, and students:

  • Plan, schedule, and design curriculum for all seminars, workshops and other forms of training in collaboration with DOP;
  • Conduct Teacher/Assistant Coach Professional Development including Assistant Coach Training, Support and Retention;
  • Design and implement Judge Training as well as evaluate Judge Training programs;
  • Design and implement Student Leader Development Program and Training and;
  • Implement webinars, Google Hangouts, and other internet-based methods of professional development and training.
  • Identify, train and supervise instructional staff as necessary in each area of training.


Job Qualifications

The ideal candidate has extensive experience in high school policy debate,  and experience with urban debate education systems and populations. They are proactive, detail-oriented and focused on student development. In addition to having competed or coach high school CX debate, other qualifications being considered are:

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree with strong academic record
  • A minimum of 2-5 years of relevant professional work experience, including but not limited to at least one year of collegiate policy debate experience or coaching
  • Experience as a teacher or direct experience working with teachers, curriculum, and public school districts. Urban public school experience and experience with curricular design a plus
  • Experience in managing and prioritizing multiple assignments
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Effective and motivational leadership experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively and independently in a diverse work environment
  • Strong work ethic, supported by commitment to mission and follow-through
  • Fluency in computer skills, including Word, Excel, and internet-based programs
  • Passion for educating and improving the lives of urban youth through debate


Salary and Benefits

Salary commensurate with experience starting at 50K. Excellent  health, retirement, vacation, and other benefits package included.