SVUDL T-shirt Design Contest Official Rules


Design our next t-shirt! These shirts will be printed in May. We'll start giving them out before the end of the school year. They will also be given to students who attend the 2016 Summer Institute and for the rest of 2016.

1. Entries may be submitted by any student or team of students who have participated in SVUDL programming.

2. Entries must contain the words "Silicon Valley Urban Debate League" or "SVUDL."

3. Entries cannot contain language or imagery that is inappropriate for school. If you are unsure if language or an image is inappropriate, ask your coach.

4. Your design must be original. By submitting a design you are guaranteeing that you hold rights to all artwork included in your design. (So, don't just copy and paste images into your design without checking to see if they're copyrighted or not.)

5. Entries must include the name of person or team submitting design and a phone number or email where they can be contacted. Entries can be submitted in two ways:

1. A drawing showing the design. This drawing must be on 8.5 x 11 inch UNLINED paper. Entries submitted on lined paper will not be eligible to win. Drawings must be done in ink. No pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, water color, oil paints, or other media. These entries should be given directly to the debate coach at your school.


2. A digital file containing the art work. This file can be a medium-resolution jpg or pdf. These entries should be emailed to

6.  Entries must be received by 11:59 PM on Friday, April 22 2016.

7. Students who attend the League Championship Tournament on April 30 will vote to choose the winner. In the case of a tie, a run-off vote will be held. 

8. The winning design will be printed on the next SVUDL t-shirt. Contest winners may be consulted on additional design elements (i.e., t-shirt color and style).

9. PRIZES: The individual who submits the winning design will win two prizes for his/her debate team. (If a team submits the winning design, they will win these same prizes.) 

1. A skating party to be held on a date chosen by the team.

2. The name of the winning school will also be printed on the back of the t-shirts delivered to students from this debate team who attended the Tournament on 4/30. (For example: if a student from Overfelt wins, all Overfelt students who attended the tournament on 4/30 will receive t-shirts with "Overfelt High School" printed on the back and the winning design printed on the front. 

10. YOU MUST BE PRESENT ON 4/30 TO WIN. If the person or team that created the winning design is not present when it is announced at the Awards Ceremony that afternoon, they will forfeit their win and the second place entry will win. A team needs to have at least two members present to win.