SVUDL Salutes Champions of the Legal Pipeline Challenge

Volume #2, Week of September 24, 2018


Graham (Gray) M. Buccigross, Associate, Mayer Brown, Intellectual Property Practice Group

Gray Buccigross has a hunger for learning that fueled his path to law school. Having studied both engineering and biology as an undergraduate, he decided to integrate his fascination with the subjects into a legal career as an intellectual property (IP) litigator, and practices in the Silicon Valley office of Mayer Brown.

When considering his career path, Gray met with family friends who were attorneys.  Knowing how helpful it is to aspiring lawyers to have access to practitioners is what inspires Gray’s ongoing support of the SVUDL Legal Pipeline Challenge and other diversity and inclusion efforts at Mayer Brown. His firm’s culture and leadership embrace diversity as a guiding principle and essential element to building a successful and cohesive firm and workplace. From formal mentorship of new attorneys to significant engagement with colleagues and local communities more broadly, Mayer Brown is committed to ensuring that everyone in the firm has the support and opportunities to enable their success, and to growing the pipeline of future attorneys from diverse backgrounds.

Words of Wisdom

Mayer Brown also recognizes the power of connecting with high school students and exposing them to legal careers, and the firm has long supported SVUDL, the Chicago Urban Debate League (the firm hosts a regional debate championship tournament in its Chicago office), and other debate programs across the country.  Although Gray, who grew up in San Diego, did not participate in debate or moot court in high school (he is not sure his school even offered those programs!), he believes it is very important to introduce bright and motivated debate students to attorneys and to the wide range of practices within the profession, including outside counsel, in-house counsel, and government counsel. Gray believes that interactions with attorneys can help SVUDL students who are aspiring attorneys gain confidence and focus as they figure out what path makes sense for them, considering their personalities and interests. Gray also emphasizes to students and new attorneys that the law is a demanding career and best for those would genuinely enjoy practicing law.  He encourages new attorneys to keep top of mind the importance of mentoring and helping other attorneys, and treating other attorneys, including adversaries, in a respectful manner.

SVUDL students preparing for debate tournament season

SVUDL students preparing for debate tournament season

SVUDL students attending a Law Firm Career Day event

SVUDL students attending a Law Firm Career Day event

Leading by Example

Gray Buccigross is a great example of a thoughtful advocate and mentor for aspiring attorneys. We proudly salute Gray and Mayer Brown for their championship support of our Legal Pipeline Challenge and Urban Debate Leagues across the country.

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