Help SVUDL Students During Tournament Season

December 2018

Dear Friends,

Debate teaches students to analyze complex issues, formulate evidence-based arguments, and communicate these persuasively. By engaging students in debate, SVUDL empowers low-income youth and unlocks the power of their voices to become advocates for themselves, their future employers and their communities. SVUDL was launched in 2014 to fill a startling gap in after-school academic opportunities in high-poverty schools throughout the Silicon Valley. What began with two pilot programs in August 2014 has since grown to nearly 400 students in 11 schools and organizations. The young people it serves are 70% low-income, 90% of color, and nearly 80% are young women.

Because our Silicon Valley debate students come from low-income households, their access to transportation to these tournaments is often limited. SVUDL is committed to ensuring that all students may participate in our program to the fullest extent of their abilities, and we have a record 11 partner schools and programs in East Palo Alto and San Jose this year. We would welcome additional donations to help us remove this barrier to participation in debate tournaments!

Our end of year fundraising campaign goal is $15,000 to provide free bus transportation for our students to a full series of debate tournaments, all of which take place on weekends. Please make a tax-deductible gift to help us reach our goal today (and SVUDL is also eligible to receive corporate matching gifts!).

Thank you,

SVUDL Board of Directors