Schools and Program Goals

Thanks to the dedication of teachers, volunteers, and supporters, our programs are flourishing at our current partner schools:

South Bay Region

  • Mount Pleasant High
  • Oak Grove High
  • Overfelt High
  • Silver Creek High

Peninsula Region

  • East Palo Alto Academy
  • East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy
  • Menlo-Atherton High School
  • Woodside High School

As SVUDL works to involve hundreds more students in our life-changing program, the primary obstacle we face is not school interest - it’s funding.  If we raise $985,000 in 2018, we can:  

  • Expand to 10 schools, involving 500+ students in debate tournaments, courses, and activities;
  • Train teachers to use SVUDL debate tools in their classrooms;
  • Continue to expand reach and solidify infrastructure at all schools, creating stronger and larger teams that increase engagement and impact.

Our current partner schools represent more than 10,000 students. We believe in the voices and talents of these youth and are committed to bringing the full SVUDL program to bear in their service.