SVUDL works to elevate life outcomes for low-income high school students in Silicon Valley through the academically rigorous sport of debate.

. . .debate - by providing actual portable skills transferable to professions, business and academia - provides a singular opportunity for students to learn to operate effectively  within a wide variety of settings and institutions.  Having those skills will enable students to fulfill their potential, achieve their aspirations and to work to shape society in accordance with their values.

James Basile, SVUDL Board Member and Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP  


SVUDL offers more than an afterschool program; our impact stems from a deep school partnership model proven to change outcomes for underserved youth.  With training and support, members of the debate team become leaders on their campuses, helping to shift expectations of what low-income youth can achieve. This research-based program model makes SVUDL one of the most cost-effective ways to impact young lives.