SVUDL Legal Career Mentor Application

Low-income and first-generation students have all the talent to be successful lawyers, but they need support to reach their full potential. The Legal Career Mentors program prepares legal professionals to make a real difference in the trajectory of a life, working one-on-one with SVUDL debate students from their junior year in high school to their first year of law school - a six-year commitment - to:

  • Help them select paths to and through college that set them up for success in law school and careers

  • Provide emotional support to help them grow through challenges

  • Give advice on how to craft a rewarding life as a lawyer

Prior to becoming a mentor, you must complete a background check and attend a training session. Once the pre-match requirements are completed, we will connect you with a young debater at one of the season's tournaments, workshops, practices or other events. Matching occurs three times a year (February, July, and November).

Throughout the program, each mentor will receive support and materials from SVUDL and the legal coalition, and gives an hour of their time each month to help a debater navigate the pipeline and find a successful career in law. With any questions, please email the leadership team at

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