'Tis the season...for debate!

The Aaron Thomas Invitational this past Saturday was a stirring tournament held in honor of an urban debater from Kansas who made his mark in the community. 

Seventy SVUDL students came together at Woodside HS for three rounds of policy debate. With nearly a full semester with the current topic under their belts, teams have shown remarkable increases in understanding nuances of arguments and sophistication in their critical thinking. Each and every debater has moved forward on their debate path, and we are so proud of their hard work and growth.

We broke exciting new ground, with our first-ever school sweep of a Division- Woodside in the novice division! We also had our first tie- partners Kim and Abigail from Silver Creek not only took home the top Varsity team prize, but they tied for the Top Speaker award in that division as well! Full results are below, but it's not just about the trophies; it's about how far SVUDL students have come, and how much they're continuing to grow!

Novice Speaker Awards
1st place, Ashley from Woodside
2nd place, Evan from Woodside
3rd place, Victor from Woodside

Novice Team Awards
1st place, Amelia and Ashley from Woodside
2nd place, Danny and Emma from Woodside
3rd place, Hope and Evan from Woodside

JV Speaker Awards
1st place, Mia from Woodside
2nd place, Nisa from Woodside
3rd place, Susie from Silver Creek

JV Team Awards
1st place, Mia and Nisa from Woodside
2nd place, Gaganpreet and Susie from Silver Creek
3rd place, Daniela and Nick from Woodside

Varsity Speaker Awards
1st place (tie), Kim and Abigail from Silver Creek
3rd place, Kierra from EPAPA

Varsity Team Awards
1st place, Kim and Abigail from Silver Creek
2nd place, Kierra and Blanca from EPAPA
3rd place, Denise and Ashna from Silver Creek

Aaron Thomas was an urban debater from the Kansas City area who truly made his mark on the UDL community. He debated with the Debate Kansas City UDL and went on to judge and teach at urban debate events throughout the country. Well-liked and respected in the community, he was killed in a car accident in January 2015 at 24 years of age. UDLs around the country hold tournaments and events to honor the memory of this remarkable young man and SVUDL is honored to be part of that movement.