We can't believe it ourselves- the last tournament of the SVUDL season has come and gone! We were thrilled to have new partner Woodside High host this event. We smashed past attendance records with every single school in the League participating- including brand new students from Woodside High and Mt. Pleasant, another partner for next year.

We had some special excitement to commemorate the end of our first full season, holding three elimination rounds that led to live finals. Both our JV and Novice division finalists debated in front of their judges, coaches, and friends. Final results are below. Thanks to our debaters, coaches, school administrators, supporters and staff for such a great season- it takes a village to launch a debate league.

Below are some of the honors debaters earned on Saturday. It may sound trite, but it's true that all of our debaters truly are winners- the dedication they bring to this smart sport puts them on a path to college and career success.

JV Division Champ: Zak, Oak Grove

JV Division Runner-Ups: Mariam and Denise, Silver Creek

Top Speaker JV: Denise, Silver Creek

Novice Division Champs:  Andrea and Edith, Silver Creek

Novice Division Runner-Ups: Najma and Sabrina, Oak Grove