That's a wrap!

SVUDL's first full season is drawing to a close, and we couldn't be prouder of our debaters, our coaches, and how much positive growth has taken place on personal, team, and organizational levels. 

The transformative power of debate is clear in the number of students and teachers who jumped in and took part in a brand new experience with a novel program. 121 students participated in tournament debates this season; 45 of them came to 3 or more tournaments; 98 youth participated in brand new debate classes at their schools, and another 250 participated in debate activities and units in other classes; we trained 31 teachers in using debate in the classroom, and had an amazing 25 youth sign up to participate in our extensive Career Mentoring program. 

We held 6 tournaments, 3 public debates, and 3 full-day workshops- and worked closely with school partners to build teams and hold meaningful practices. That's quite a list for a nonprofit that's less than 3 years old!

The numbers aren't the whole story. Mariam, a graduating senior who took part in the HPE Moot Court event in March, captured the power of SVUDL's work in her own words: "When I joined the debate team and competed in my first few tournaments, I realized how passionate I was about debate. I found myself becoming a much more confident person...winning best speaker and team awards...I began to mold myself into the person I wanted to become."

Here's to an amazing first season of supporting incredible young people like Mariam as they learn to tap the power of their voices to compete, excel, and change the world.