Debater of the Week: Mariam Ahmed

This week we are excited to feature one of this year's top debaters--Mariam Ahmed, a brand new grad from Silver Creek High School!

It was only a year ago that Mariam decided to pursue debate. She had always admired outspoken students at her school, and was impressed with the hard work and tenacity of the debaters. Having grown up shy, though, Mariam was sure debate wasn't for her- until one of her teachers convinced her to go for it.

Once she joined debate, Mariam quickly morphed from a reticent and nervous newbie to a confident, successful policy debater. She cites hard work, dedication, and a willingness to "fake it 'til you make it" as her keys to success. 

Mariam loves policy debate because it tackles meaty, real-world issues. She talks passionately about genetic surveillance, a topic she wasn't even aware of before this year. She clearly articulates the research that supports "reducing surveillance because people of color are more likely to be targeted and the police aren't always the right ones to take the genetic samples--consent is a big issue." Mariam's fire for knowledge and excitement about debate inspired persuasive argumentation throughout the season.

While she celebrates graduating from high school, Mariam is looking forward to majoring in Biology at De Anza College in the fall. Biology studies might take her down the route of pre-med and becoming a pediatrician, or, perhaps, to a law degree to pursue science focused litigation. She says "debate has helped me become a better me. I'm a better listener, critical thinker, and more confident person. I found something in debate that I've only felt for writing and biology for a very long time- happiness."