Moot Court Debater of the Week: Bhargavi Bhatt

Bhargavi Bhatt is a senior at Silver Creek High School who dreams of a life with purpose. She credits debate with giving her "a platform where I could express myself...through articulated discussion" because "you need to really think through your arguments and how to persuade people to believe you."

Debate hasn't just sharpened Bhargavi's argumentation skills. As she puts it, it has helped focus her on "what can I do with the skills I have that can benefit the most people?" That's why she'll be pursing engineering or economics when she starts college this fall and has set her sights on being in the Peace Corps someday.

Participating in Moot Court is fast becoming one of Bhargavi's SVUDL highlights. This experience gives her the chance to voice what she thinks is right AND the opportunity to spend time empathizing with the other side of the issue. She's learning to see through different eyes, thoughtfully take on that role, and grow.

On May 1st Bhargavi will take these talents, skills, and hard work into the Moot Court to argue transgender rights, but after graduation she'll apply them to everything she pursues. Her Government teacher has posted the famous Don Hertzfeldt quote on the door to the classroom: "It's okay to be worried. It's okay to be sad. It's not okay to give up. There's a lot of work to do." This is the line Bhargavi holds in her heart as she plans for the future, armed with fierce public speaking skills and the courage to go after what she believes in. Congratulations, Bhargavi, on being this week's Debater of the Week!

Correction: an earlier version of this post ran with a picture of Gaganpreet Kaur.