An amazing camp = an amazing year on tap!


There’s a strong sense of accomplishment when you finish a monumental task, and that feeling is all around SVUDL today- from student albums posted to Facebook to spreadsheets showing huge attendance and student satisfaction, there is evidence everywhere that SVUDL’s Savannah Walker Summer Debate Institute was a week that changed lives.

Over 100 students attended, with a nearly even distribution of rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and a nearly even split between Peninsula students and those attending Title I schools in San Jose. Enormous learning took place for all of these students; youth who entered camp on Monday because "someone made them" were earning debate awards by Saturday. We invited Grammy-nominated artist Maimouna Yousef for a second year to perform and spend an afternoon leading an activism through song-writing workshop with Novice and JV debaters. Varsity debaters engaged at the highest level with this year’s topic of school reform, conducting research and building cases on both sides of this issue, AND we conducted the first bilingual debate in the country!

These exhilarating successes have built enormous momentum for the coming season. With a core of students ready to engage their peers at all eight school partners and new Head Coaches enthusiastic about sharing revolutionary power of urban debate, the first team practices can’t get here fast enough!

Savannah Walker Tournament Results


1st Place Team: Marabelle and Isaiah

2nd Place Team: Abraham and Marco

3rd Place Team: Hassan and Christina


1st Place Speaker: Vili

2nd Place Speaker: Yoselin

3rd Place Speaker: Taya

1st Place Team: Vili and Yoselin

2nd Place Team: Destiny and Elsa

3rd Place Team: Vae and Damien


1st Place Speaker: Kim

2nd Place Speaker: Mia

3rd Place Speaker Susie

1st Place Team: Mia and Daniela

2nd Place Team: Azeem (debating maverick!)

3rd Place Team: Josh and Shekita