SVUDL # 2 Tournament Results 12-8-18

Here are the results from our second intra-league tournament held on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at Yerba Buena High School in San Jose.

62 SVUDL Debaters participated in a full day of energetic and rigorous debate rounds. 

48 students participated in the Varsity rounds; top varsity honors went to the team of Daksh Jain and Pranav Singamsetty of Silver Creek High School in San Jose and Jain was also the top Varsity Speaker.

14 students participated in the Novice rounds; top novice honors went to the solo team of Paulina Gutierrez Carmona from College Track in East Palo Alto and she was also the top Novice speaker.

Final Results: Varsity Teams

Final Results: Varsity Speakers

Final Results: Novice Teams

Final Results: Novice Speakers

SVUDL wishes to thank all the tournament judges (*=SVUDL alumnus, **=SVUDL board member, ***=SVUDL Partner School Teacher):
Amy Badiani
Dan Barritt
Jim Basile**
Mecca Billings
Lauren Brady
Rob Burns
David Cattivera
Janet Escobedo
Aileen George***
Andrew Gold
Willie Hernandez**
Chris Hersey**
Rolland Janairo
Raghav Kaul
Kimberly Lam*
Jenet Manuel
Ryan Mills
Brandon Montes*
Omandi Moore
Peter Otte***
Jennie Savage**
Harold Wang
Kenneth Woods***

We also want to thank:

  • The entire staff at Yerba Buena High School for hosting us!

  • Washington High School (Fremont) student and debater Gandhar Mannur for his awesome support with the Tabroom system!

  • SVUDL Board member Jennie Savage and AR/VR Associate General Counsel at Facebook Charlotte Lewis Jones for securing donations of business attire for our students to own and wear in tournaments! The students had a great time "shopping" for their new debate looks at the tournament.

  • Jessica Garcia-Kohl, new Executive Director of the Westly Foundation, for attending!

  • SVUDL Team Member Lisa Walstrum for picking up the clothing donations at Facebook and borrowing clothing racks from a theatre company!