Students Enjoy Free Summer Debate Workshop at Santa Clara University!

SVUDL Senior Head Coach Jimi Morales sat down to talk about the amazing opportunity our students had at a four-day debate camp at Santa Clara University (SCU) this summer. Camp days ran from 9am-9:30pm (except for the last day) and gave the students an intense yet exciting environment to hone their skills in novice and intermediate Lincoln-Douglas and Policy formats of debate.

Debating, Developing, & Undefeated

Our Policy team remained undefeated during this workshop, but the tallies weren’t the main focus. Featuring expert guest lectures on debate theory and announced debate topics, supervised practice rounds, research time, strategy development, and access to the university library and computer resources, this opportunity gave our students an unforgettable learning experience.

The students worked in small “debate lab” groups and were led by an experienced debater to help them prepare and research for the tournament. Silver Creek’s Ishita Verma enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the current Lincoln Douglas debate topic - States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals - and proudly went 4-0 in the Lincoln-Douglas tournament competition. Yerba Buena’s Jude Gadingan leveraged the camp as a warmup for the season also competing in Lincoln Douglas, and went 3-1.

Not only did our students get an amazing sneak peek at what national debate programs look like but they got to meet and work alongside other high school students, college debaters from Stanford, USC and San Jose State, alumni, and experts from across the state.

A huge thank you to Melan Jaich and Mariel Cruz who generously invited our students to attend their annual SCU Summer Debate Camp for free, as well as policy debate instructor Teja Vepa.